15 Greenhill Road
Barrington, NH 03825

Closed indefinitely
on 6/21/18

Landry's is now closed for business due to a fire on 6/21/18. His salvage yard could not be insured for fire, so he's lost everything.

Landry's Auto Salvage of Barrington New Hampshire specialized in quality used auto parts for three generations.

Landry's Auto Salvage 1945-2018.Landry's Auto Salvage has been in business since 1945. We were in our third generation of a family-owned and operated business. Landry's has been serving the community for almost 75 years and is sad to say goodbye so abruptly. We have been serving customers online since 1996 and had an impeccable record of service.


"Thank you to everyone who's bought used parts from us, including all you DIY mechanics and local garages.  I'll miss you all."

-Daryl Landry

you can help
Landry's Auto commemorative tee shirt to benefit Daryl Landry

As Daryl's website angel, I just wanted to let the world know that he pretty much lost everything in this fire that destroyed his family's savage yard, including all the bills he had sent out, cash and a couple of his business computers with his billing records. There just wasn't time to get the dog safely away and go back to get his personal and business "things". 

The worse part is that he was uninsurable for fire due to the type of business of a salvage yard, which required taking apart used cars to sell the reusable parts.

He doesn't know I'm doing this and doesn't want a personal fundraiser or anything, but I thought I would announce to whomever has done business with him and ask to do the right thing.

3 Ways to Help Daryl

  1. If you have an outstanding bill that you recently paid or haven't yet paid, PLEASE send it to the regular address or pay by PayPal at race38@aol.com.
  2. If you are inclined to help by donating, PLEASE send it to the regular address or pay by PayPal at race38@aol.com.
  3. Or BUY a t-shirt - the profits will go to Daryl >>